Monday, March 21, 2016


My dad made a comment about the current political delegates reminding him of a story in the Book of Mormon.  If you can guess, you feel the same way(probably). I'd rather not mention it as it was a rather uncanny thought.
Got my book done, though not as well as I'd like.  The front cover is larger than the back, and the pages somehow got misaligned after I put the cover on so the top and side are not straight.  Figures that the bottom is.  But the spare pages glued well and its not that bad.  The teacher noted that we all did a different cover.  Not just color but overall design.
Seminar was more photoshop then lab time-I was looking into solo dance moves to try for my project-so not much to do there.  Got to talk to my classmate about the homeless shelter thing.  Lots of cute pictures and we had fun doing it.  They are going to send me some as a memento.  And we got extra credit for it-hey, it was fun and we got to do service.  Extra credit is a bonus-which is good.
Now I've got to try and get time for the light as meaning project-due next week thankfully, but I need 6 shots of different stuff-today and hopefully wednesday.

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