Saturday, March 12, 2016


Got to love having to clean up after dogs when they don't wait to get outside.  At least the liquid is somewhat easier to take care of compared to the solid stuff.  And that's most of the problem too.  Scrubbed every area I could with bleach wipes to see if it'll discourage some of it.  Might be a while before I can tell.
Got to go to a stake women's conference with my mom this morning, which was fun.  Had a cool talk about staying strong and finding happiness in the hard times. Made me think about what I hope for: a good man who is not perfect, just that he tries, as well as children of my own to hold.  But I don't know how long I have to wait for that.
I did get my elementary visit done on thursday, which I felt bad as it was the secretary who had to help me with that given the principal never seemed to be there.  But it was fun.  Got to help this time, with a bunch of 2nd graders learning basic poetry.  Rather entertaining I will admit.
Yesterday I helped my brother take on the messy circle in our front yard-he was just cutting stuff down, not trying to trim anything-and then I moved to the 2 apple trees and the pollinator: the plum tree.  They had quite a few suckers that I took care of.  Didn't do more than that and clearing the smaller dead branches in hopes of boosting the tree's production.
Even that gave me a few scrapes. Fun.

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