Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Have not been sleeping well the past to nights and I fear it has made me very cranky, which means I have to watch it or I'm biting people's heads off. Sigh....
The contest thing went well, though my dad teased me about only using 1:35 of the allotted 5 minutes to speak.  And I only got fourth place, which meant a gift card an a book on local history.  Not bad for a first time though.  Been teasing my mom, she just heard from a literary agent about one of her books-they want to read it!
Felt like I was twiddling my thumbs all weekend due to not being able to work on homework.  But I got lights yesterday and managed 5 of 6 shots for my studio lighting final.  Got through my preliminary crit for experimental yesterday, which was good.  They want me to change 2 photos and unify them somehow.  Already did that for the good ones, and reshot one of the two.  Couldn't get the other though.
Seminar was a bit sparse, but it is the week before finals.  So we didn't get to the reading we were supposed to cover or the final crit on our artist statements.  But those of us who had them got points for it.
Studio lighting was working on the class photo, which is fun but we wound up using 8 different ones to create the final 'shot'.  Looks good-though I have to laugh at a 'phantom' torch that no one is holding-and we were all working on it.
Getting close and I so wish it was over....

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