Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I know teachers have a lot of students to work with, but it's kind of annoying when you are the first one to ask for help after class and they take time to help two or three other students before they actually help you.  Had that trouble with my math teacher.  My main issue was they knew I had a class staring in ten minutes, and they said they'd hurry.  Then they talked with another student for one minute, and helped three others for the next five.  Then we walked to their office where they tried to find something for me-I was asking about future assignments as I'm not going to be there next week-and they gave me two assignments I'm not worried about(they aren't due til march) considered two more that I don't need, and failed to find the one I did.  Plus I was then late for my next class.  Thankfully that teacher understood and didn't hold it against me.
We've been having fog again, and it's cold too.  Not as cold as it was in January, but I don't think we've gotten above 30 this week.  Supposed to snow on saturday.  That's going to be interesting.

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