Monday, February 25, 2013

More Slide Offs...

What happens when bad whether mixes with poor driving-or just bad luck-and the driver can't control the car.  According to a news report there were over 130 slide off's in a 50 mile radius on Saturday.  One of those was my sister, who lost control while slowing down-go figure, she was fine until then-driving home on the highway.
She pushed the brake and her car just started fishtailing.  She kept some control for a little while but finally lost control.  She was turning into a skid-the only way to control them-and instead of heading right with the fishtail her car began sliding left.  Fast.  She tried to stop with the brake again but that had no effect at all.  She managed to turn the car slightly to the right before impact so instead of hitting the concrete barrier dividing the two lanes of traffic head on, she hit at an angle ans slid to a stop.  She's still sore-no surprise there-but no major injuries.  Her car is another story.
The drivers side front tire is gone and the front axle is a mess.  The lights on that side are gone as well.  The steering wheel turns, but the tires don't.  She started school today too-fun way to get back in the game....

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