Thursday, February 7, 2013


It can be quite funny when the problem you face has a very simple solution.  Not so much if you didn't think of it til much later though.
My keyboard problem was due to someone activating a filter setting on my computer so it wouldn't receive the keyboard input.  the problem with my car was corrosion on the wiring inside the new clamps we'd put in there.  Funny how things can become funny if you try not to let them get to you.
I've found that if I'm having a bad day, the fastest way to get past that is to walk somewhere-like school campus-and smile at everyone who meets my eyes.  Strange, I know, but it lifts my day that much more to see them smile right back and know I've brightened their day a little.
Another strange thing is I've been having weird dreams all week.  The first (and easiest to remember) was driving along a connection of highways and running into people whose cars were out of gas.  They kept giving me money to go bring them some, but I woke up while trying to find a gas station-saw the sign, but never found it.  Last night I had one where all the tires on my car were nearly flat, and not trustworthy to get me anywhere.  The others were too caotic to really find the basic story in them-at least my memory of them is.  Ah well, took my brother to class with me today and I think he's getting into the idea. Of going back to school that is.

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