Monday, November 7, 2016


Getting that last of the garden cleared out is taking longer than expected.  Takes me an hour to get one row done. And I've still got one left to go-plus two plant from a row I didn't get to finish-before it snows.  And I've got to get the pipes organized too.
We finally had our skills pass off in EMR on thursday, so I've got half of them signed off.  Still have to work on the practice assessments so I have the 40 I need.  But that won't be as hard as the 100 I had to do for EMT.
Math quiz scores dropped a bit, but they are going back up now.  Only three more to go and one test before the final.  Two chapters though....
NANO is back, and I'm 1000 words behind where I need to be.  For once I'm ahead of my mom, but she's doing a collaboration story with my dad for it and so she can't just sit and write this year.  She has to wait for him and such.
Trying to work on my next art project and not having much luck.  Supposed to try and catch people taking photos-the more generic type of kids and fountains and such-with phones and such and take pictures of them. Only got 2 so far. Sigh.
Entering the final month of the semester....

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