Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting There....

For some crazy reason I decided to try and do Nano despite the ever increasing workload of school and work.  I'm up to 22,500 words, which means I'm about 2,000 behind where I need to be. Plus the 2,000 I need to write today...
3rd speech yesterday and the last one I have to come to school for.  The fourth and final one we're supposed to do ourselves at wherever with five people watching.  Meaning I might have to bug my dad to help me record it and get it online so the teacher can see it. Called a digital dependent delivery. Fun.  First I have to go over yesterday's and write a report on it.
Currently trying to print my second to last art project, which I had to change as my original idea lacked needed pictured but I had enough photo's to make a new one along similar lines.  Spent at least 30 minutes arguing with a printer that wouldn't take the paper so  classmate and I set up a new one that's working now.
And I have less than an hour to try and print 34 pages.  And one of them has text which I'm not sure how that will work. I don't know that this computer has a word processor. Guess I'll find out.

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