Monday, November 21, 2016

Well That's Just Great....

Changing soups at work saturday and managed to strain my left shoulder.  Had to go see the doctor yesterday and then a follow up today-which made me late for art, but I was able to email the teacher a heads up so they knew what was going on and didn't ding me for it-to make sure it wasn't worse than that.  Funny thing about it was that it didn't hurt at the time-just a funky pooping sound and feeling-but started aching when I got home.  Yesterday was the worst pain wise, so I spent most of the day outside of church trying to ice it.  Feels better today but I'm still icing it.  Supposed to start using heat tomorrow and I have exercises for the week-that's how long I'm supposed to 'favor' it-so it can loosen the muscles and help them heal.
Speech didn't go so well, but I'm still passing the class.  Have one more to go, though it's supposed to be an online thing that I have to record rather than a face to face.  Need five people to watch the live thing though. And one last test for it as well.
Art book was popular with my classmates but my teacher hated my binding method-I thought loose leaf three ring binder clips worked well with the subject but whatever-but I still got a B on it.  Last one's due in December.  No final tests with that class that I know of.
Math has one more quiz-last one was only a 60% but the 100% before that kind of made up for it-one more test, and then the final.  After the 3rd test we're just reviewing so no more new stuff.  Too bad the final has to be comprehensive where the tests were not.  But I'm still a solid B there too.
Not sure what's going on with EMR though we have workbooks due tomorrow.  No class at all last week, and only one this week.  Need to work on my practice emergencies too.

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