Saturday, January 16, 2016


Yesterday was snow off and on with anywhere from near blizzard conditions to not at all-and everywhere in between-so once more we broke out the snow shovels.  Got some homework done while watching it fall.
Then I went to work and the snow really did it's work.  We had lines at both the drive through and front counter for almost the entire night, which meant a lot of scrambling around to get things cleaned and take care of customers.  Then a coworker had a nasty asthma attack, another one got sick, and both the manager and assistant manager had to step out to help them.  Leaving the only other coworker and I on our own for a bit.  I didn't even notice until the sick one came back to explain things.  Made sense as to why I wound up running from drive to expo and back trying to keep up and not seeing any one else for that whole time.
Then a customer had a mess happen with an uneaten sandwich-they got a new one without issues, but they also didn't blame us as they dropped it-I had a salad explode on me all over the counter.  So just one of those days....

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