Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Starting to Look up-Sort of....

Yesterday I was trying not to be grouchy all morning, which I can make no promises as to my level of success due to how tired I was.  The first two classes got out early-both photography-so I had time to check into the teaching thing before institute started.  Got all excited as at first I was told I'd only need three classes to get a certificate added to my bachelor's.  Go back to clarify something and find out that those are actually prerequisites for a post graduate teaching certification program.  So I have to options if I want to get it at my current college.  Change my major and stay at school for another 2.5 years-not kidding at all, we checked twice-which I'm not really wanting to do.  Or graduate and come back-maybe get a master's while I'm at it-and get it then.  That side would only take a few more semesters, and so far seems the better option.
I can of course find another option at a different university and see if I can get it while finishing at the current university.  But that's more money and I'm not sure if it's possible. Sigh.....
Today was better.  Got to school fine-despite the freezing wind this morning, stepped out of my truck at the park in ride and lost the feeling in my fingers(reminds me of day after tomorrow in a not very nice way) within seconds.  Class was fun, met a few classmates who are a bit entertaining. Met a few old friends on the bus-big surprise-so I wasn't bored during the ride.
Thought there would be issues with my payment plan, and for a bit it seemed like it.  But now it seems to have sorted itself out.  Though my next paycheck is way gone and I won't get that until next week.
This is going to be interesting....

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