Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 1

And so far things are looking complicated. Sigh.  The class I arranged to take to graduate this semester was cancelled, so now I'm stuck waiting another semester for it. Wound up taking a few teaching classes so I'm still full time.  But paying for it is getting hard.
My grandma was excited anyway, as she wanted me to go into teaching certification before I graduated.  It's not far off, given that most of the requirements also count for generals so I've got nearly all of those.  Then there's the student teaching....
At least now its not so hard to get work in around school.  No longer have a later class on tuesday's and thursday's so those day are open for whenever they need me.  Given that at least one of my coworker's is also a college student and others are still in high school its hard to get all that organized.  So I'm a bit freer for them.
Expiramental is looking fun but time consuming-then again, when is photography quick and easy?-so is seminar.  Studio lighting I don't know.  Have to retest for math to make sure I can get in the class next time...

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