Monday, January 4, 2016

One Week Left

before I go back to school for what might be my last semester.  Have some stuff to do this week for that-my photography teacher asked me to practice with a certain video program before class starts as I didn't get the intro class for it and I'm taking the advanced-so I'm not exactly going to be sitting around doing nothing.  Also want to look into some stuff my grandma suggested for before I graduate.
Had kind of a sore throat all weekend and I'm not sure why.  Did the usual dusty cleaning and afterwards felt like I had a cold.  Going away slowly. Sigh.  I've got work this evening and my parents are taking one of my brothers out to dinner.  I can come if I can pay, but they don't want to wait for me to get off. Sigh. Means I probably can't make it anyway.
It's so cold!!! Been in the single digits for pretty much the last week. Not helping my little cold, I must say.  At least my sister's dog was willing to let me walk them this morning, so they're good for a while.  Plus the cold makes them hurry more than they would in the summer, so we all spend less time outside.
It's 2016! And so begins a new year!

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