Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! It's 2016!

Sent that to my siblings last night, as well as my grandma after midnight.  Got a few responses, but I think some of them were at work or not paying attention to their phones-imagine that-so only those few.  I hope my brother-on of those I suspect was at work-was able to watch the ball drop, but it depends on his breaks.
I had to work too, and despite my supervisor's thoughts, we did get a few crowds.  Several large family type groups with large orders for that matter.  By the time I got off I didn't want to go to the singles party-a good 20 minute drive away-so I caught a ride to my aunt and uncle's house with my parents.  I kind of prefer the quieter party anyway....
Fireworks I'm sure were fun, but it was so cold I couldn't stay out there for longer than five minutes as it went right through my coat. My uncle was letting some off and my mom and I just watched from inside as best we could.  He was disappointed because the sparklers wouldn't light.  But it was nice anyway.

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