Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sooo Tired....

The only real downer about this semester is finding time for sleep.  And getting my body used to 'early to bed and early to rise' when it really doesn't want to.  Getting mixed results so far.
Set it up so that the rest of my family will be able to eat a dinner I made while I'm at school without me leaving early to make it than coming back.  Solution:crock pot!  Used two to make a chicken chili recipe my mom found.  Will have to look into more of those, like soups and maybe pulled meat sandwich stuff.  Wouldn't want to wear them out on soup stuff.  Have to see.
Been carrying my camera around in hopes of getting a head start on my seminar assignment, which I may have mentioned earlier but I'm not sure.  Still have it with me but not having much luck with material.  At least my classmates like the idea.  Just have to be careful of composition.
Entered the student exhibition today, using that photo I framed for my new sister in law over the break.  She's fine with it as long as I get it back-so I can't list it as for sale, but I wouldn't anyway-because she wants to hang it in their house.  Not sure when, but I will get it back!
Get to play with studio lighting today, with my group.  Brought a stuffed animal and a gift bag to use in the still life we're supposed to create for the event.  Should be fun, just as long as no one gets burned-those lights get hot!

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