Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And Even More...

Yes, we got another load of snow today, which means that I had to help shovel the driveway once I got home (makes it three time this week).  Thankfully the air was a bit warmer so the drive wasn't too bad, and the driveway is already melting the rest off.  But we could still get more, especially since we need the water.
Had my first math test today.  Trying to find the testing center was a challenge as my teacher had to go through the science department instead of the regular testing center.  Cold, windy, and a good fifteen minute walk while it was still snowing.  Not good for someone trying to focus on math without getting chilled.
I'm getting a regular workout from shoveling snow and traveling around campus.  Why do I have a personal trainer? Oh yeah, because that won't build the muscle I want consistently.

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