Thursday, January 10, 2013

Storm Gandalf?

It's finaaly warming up and we get Storm Gandalf?  That is a winter storm supposed to last until sunday and give us up to a foot of snow.  Given how hard it's snowing, I'm betting that's an understatement.  It's not cold, but it is very hard to see.  there are four cars just along my street that have slid off the road.  Not into dangerous areas, mind, just driveways and curbs. But my street usually gets plowed often enough to avoid that problem.  my dad had issues getting into the driveway!
It's been snowing maybe an hour and we've got close to three inches already(hence the understatement thing).  It's making it hard to see the trees in my backyard.  The wind doesn't help either, since it's driving the snow right into the windows.  The warmth melts it so anything you see it blurred and distroted.
Not sure how we are going to walk the dogs in this...

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