Monday, January 7, 2013

The Challenge!

I was challenged by a close family member to get all A's this semester.  While this is possible-though not easy in any way-it does cut inot job hunting time, but not much.
I thought I'd start by breaking it down.  I have five classes with only one online for now.  One is an art class, so that may take a lot of my time.  I do have two religion classes, but those don't have much homework-just reading-and much demand for my time.  One is english, which so far has a handful of small assignments  and one big one plus the final test.  One is a math class that I'm taking for the second time.  That has a lot of homework but it's only due once a week-have to keep on top of it though.
One not so typical-a computer intro to entertainment class.  Don't know how that one will turn out yet.  The last one is a medical class, but which one is not set in stone yet, as I'm hoping to get in a better one.
At this point I'm hoping to get all the homwork in on time-if not early.  As classes just started that's all I have to worry about for now.
But I will fight to keep my grades up and raise my GPA!

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