Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Melting, Melting..

It's finally warm enough that the roads are melting.  They've been covered in ice and hard slush for the past two days.  While this does mean that everything is all wet, it also means a safer commute.  Hopefully it doesn't freeze tonight, as there will be alot more of the ice, just less of the snow.  Not supposed to get any more snow for a while.
Job hunting is not going well.  I'm running out of places I can apply to.  My sister got a new computer yesterday and spent a lot of time getting it set up and then figuring out how to use it-it's an ipad.
Crazy icicles all over- school and at home.  My brothers were talking about making a snowman, but never got around to it.  Too busy trying to clear the driveway I think.  He'd be melting right now too.

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