Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Still Cold, but School Goes on...

I saw a sign on my way to school that stated the temperature as -5.  This was at 9'oclock this morning. and yes the sun was up.  My math and english teacher are trying to make up for the snow day on friday, which for english is skipping a reading assignment.  For math it means he has to rush through the material a little-still has to cover it, as he can't skip stuff or we'll all be confused.
Running around campus was not fun.  Felt like my hands were burned-and they were bright red after I got inside.  I've got all my textbooks now, and all my needed materials.  No go on the job interview-did well, but didn't get the job.  Argh.  So I'm still looking in that area.  Keeping up on the homework, so that's one benefit of being unemployed.  Not much of one though.
Changed the battery in my truck but the new one doesn't fit.  The cold still made it hard to start vehicles-my mother had to take a different car as hers wouldn't start.

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