Friday, January 18, 2013


I do not like getting sick, and there is some cold bug running around campus right now.  I've heard at least three other people sniffling in each class.  Unfortuantly I'm one of them.  My younger brother was coughing this morning, but then he insisted on going for a fourty minute walk-and that's one way.  At least I'm expirienced enough to spend little time outside when I'm sick.  Especially when it's barely 20 degrees right now.
Then my youngest brother fractured his wrist in gym class.  Another student kicked a basket ball-he was aiming somewhere else-and hit his wrist on accident.  I still had to check him out of school and drive him to the hospital.  And when I've got a cold I try to avoid driving unless I have to.  But my mom was still at work and I'd just finished class for the day, so I got tapped.

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