Monday, January 21, 2013

Trying to Think...

The biggest issue I have with colds is the headache that often comes with them.  If I even have a slight stuffy or runny nose I get a headache.  And that does not help with keeping school work going.  I'm supposed to plan a science project, study for five different classes, do the homework for four of them, take quizzes and a test in the fifth, and find jobs to apply for.  Getting a cold throws all that out of whack, as I can't concentrate long enough to get any useful stuff done.
Plus we're moving things around this week in preparation of my brother getting off his mission.  He's coming home to an interesting situation.  I'm sick but getting over it, my dad is getting sick, my youngest brother just broke his wrist, my second youngest brother is courting pneumonia by walking an hour and 20 minutes almost every day regardless of the weather-though we did talk him out of going during the last big snow storm.

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