Friday, January 11, 2013

Schools Closed.

This storm has closed the school campuses until 4 today.  While this gives me plenty  of time for online classwork, it also means I can't turn in my regular classwork.
It snowed all night and is still snowing this morning-just as the weathermen predicted.  So it's not too surprising that they closed the campus, what with all the slide offs and accidents that occured yesterday and this morning.  But I worked hard to get my homework for today done and now I don't need it until monday.
It's not too cold though-I was sweating in my room last night.  But we shoveled our driveway last night and will need to do so again this morning.  Possibly multiple times today if this keeps up like they are thinking.  The school district my brothers attend is also closed, so they are probably going to spend they day playing around inbetween shoveling.
I have an interview this afternoon-Yes!-but my morning has other homework so I can't be playing around today.  Not if my goal is to get all A's this semester.

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