Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of All Days...

Yesterday my brother got home from his mission.  I woke up with a headache that persisted all day.  Then his plane landed 25 minutes early.  We had difficulty parking, and it was very cold.  The inversion didn't help either.
We got home safely.  And the little celebration party was fun, as my sister and her husband came by with my other brother, their daughter, and their ward.
But today we got freezing rain.  That is simply where it rains, but the ground is so cold the rain drops freeze as soon as they hit the earth.  This forms a growing layer of ice the clings to everything.  I had to scrape off the side mirrors to my car before and after school.  Driving wasn't fun, and while I made it home, I got stuck in the snowbank on one side of the driveway because the car slid.  My dad had to sprinkle ice melt all over and shovel some of the ice off before we could get it back off.  The good news is that it was clear of the road, so there was no worry over cars hitting it.  I had to crawl out of the passenger side door, as the driver side one was blocked by the snow.

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