Friday, January 25, 2013


Not only is there a nice layer of ice, now we have thick fog that makes things even worse.  You can't see more than half a block away, if you're lucky.  Thankfully the ice has started to soften and melt, so stopping is not a big issue, but seeing in time to stop is.
There was a bus that slid into the back of a truck because of visablity issues.  No bad injuries, as no one had to be taken to the hospital, but I think there was a lot of damage.
My newly returned brother spent the morning clearing the driveway, so I didn't have a repeat of yesterday's slide.  But getting cars into the driveway proved quite interesting when my sister got home from work.  Even after my dad coated the driveway she still had trouble getting in.  She did avoid sliding into the snowbank though.

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