Monday, January 28, 2013

Even More...

Snow?!  We got another foot here yesterday.  And we're supposed to get the same amount later this week.  My sisters poor dog gets buried when he goes out to do his buisness.  At least if he leaves the path she tromped down for him.  My mom's small dog has th same issue, and our big dog doesn't want to run-which she usually takes off when we let her out.
It's much warmer though, and the roads are only iffy without the big threat of sliding off the road.  And most of the stuff melted off by the time I headed home from school.
The snow made my brothers homecoming thing a rather sparsly attended affair, as it took the farthest out relatives a good hour(unless they left before it started) to get to our house.  But there was good food, fun conversations, and the typical hour of shoveling to be repeated throughout the afternoon...

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