Thursday, January 17, 2013


Here's a new class exercise: Be given a small number of objects and a half hour to make up a game using those objects in a group.  There are 4 to 6 in a group, and most of the objects are balls of different sizes and types.  You can use any school supplies your group brought to class if you want.  But there are three requirements: it needs to have a goal, rules, play, and pretending in some form.
You are also supposed to try and make it possible for anyone to win.  Now imagine that you are a girl in a group with five other men, and your objects are a wiffle ball (like a thick ping pong ball with holes in it) and a softball sized bean bag.  While the bean bag has purple pentagons and yellow triangles, the wiffle ball is just plain white.  The purple pentagons have random letters in them.
You have 30 minutes to figure out a game using these materials and the school stuff you and your teammates brought that day.  We did the best we could.  Our game wound up just using the bean bag and a 'hypothetical' piece of velcro.  I think the teacher liked our game title more than the game we came up with, but hey, we managed.

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